Somewhat a writer, educator, athlete.

Ian has lived in Kabul, Afghanistan on and off since September 2013.  He mainly teaches science (among many other roles) at School of Leadership, Afghanistan, while pursuing an academic interest in the link between natural resources and conflict.  He is also a perpetual student of the political, socioeconomic, ethnic and geopolitical complexities of Afghanistan and the region.

In the spare time that arrives in spurts he hammers away at a growing collection of novels never likely to see print.  He simply likes to watch and see where the stories go as he writes.

While these things occupy much of his time these days they don’t hold his most affectionate attention.  That claim can only be made by the wonders of the natural world and all manner of strenuous activities one can undertake in their exploration.  This love has taken him across the Himalayas to the base of Nanda Devi in India, to ski the open slopes of central Afghanistan and eastern Kyrgyzstan, guiding kids in Wyoming’s many picturesque mountain ranges and through the endlessly quiet forests of his native Green Mountains.


ian.lynch1990 [at] gmail.com

US : 1 802 989 2999

AF: +93 (0) 794 126 830


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