A Dawn Approaches and A Legacy Awaits Definition


So it seems Afghanistan may have the basis for ongoing political leadership after six months of uncertainty. Those months of bickering and stalling, threats and flip-flops had many dire ramifications, the greatest of which are likely yet to be witnessed. Continue reading

Afghanistan: Reaching In and Reaching Out

Afghanistan: Reaching In and Reaching Out

Above find the link to my guest post on Saleem Ali’s National Geographic News Watch Blog.  Dr. Ali was my professor at UVM and is currently the director of the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, and Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of Queensland, Australia.  He is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer for 2010 and author of “Treasures of the Earth: Need, Greed and a Sustainable Future” (Yale University Press). He can be followed on Twitter @saleem_ali.


Darluman Road stretching southward. © Ian Lynch.

Afghan Extractive Industry: Are Abundant Natural Resources a Blessing or a Curse?

It it a question that is asked in developing nations worldwide.  In some nations, mineral and hydrocarbon reserves have proven to be of enormous benefit to local, regional and even national populations.  In many though, the presence of such resources has proven to be a curse that exacerbates conflict.  Afghanistan has immense reserves of copper, iron, gold, hydrocarbons and rare earth metals.  The nation currently lacks the proper infrastructure and regulatory capacity to extract, process and ship these valuable assets.   Continue reading

No Derailing Progress Now

Taverna du Liban represented the new Afghanistan.  It was a place where foreigners relaxed and the newly free and wealthy class of Afghans spent their evenings.  The owner was, by all accounts, a fantastic fellow who treated every patron like a dear friend.  Chocolate cake of his own creation was often given out with compliments at the end of meals.  No wonder the place was always packed on Friday nights.  No wonder it was targeted by the Taliban.

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