Backcountry Skiing in Afghanistan: Dreams


Historic Buddhist cliff dwellings in Bamiyan

Skiing in Afghanistan is something I’ve written about before.  It may sound like an outlandish idea, but its actually quite accessible.  Read my feature on World Travel Magazine’s site to learn more about how and as always feel free to be in touch if you have questions!

Strange Skiing: Off-piste in… Afghanistan

Visas Part II: Show me what bureaucracy looks like! This is what bureaucracy looks like!

Getting a 3 month Afghan tourist visa in the U.S. was a cinch.  Getting one in Dubai was quite a bit more effort and money for only a 1 month visa.  Since I plan to be in Afghanistan through the end of March that meant I needed to get my visa extended.  So, I ended up spending most mornings for two weeks trying to get my Indian visa and an Afghan visa extension at the end of January.

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Visas Part I: Dubai, Dubai

With the help of SOLA I was able to make it to Holland for christmas. The weather was bleak and rainy, the days incredibly short, but it was awesome. While quite the relaxing break I did spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get a new Afghan visa. The bothersome process began and ended in Dubai, which brought to mind one of my student’s favorite tunes, the Farsi song Dubai Dubai. She loves the thing so much she often asks to break the English language pledge to sing it. If you really must, here it is.

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